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  • Give our guests a great time, and we'll give you the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Delight our guests

Latest Vacancies

Haven Team Member


Combe Haven Holiday Park



To make your recruitment journey the best it can be, we wanted to make it simple for you, sometimes you may not know which role is right for you...which is why we would like to meet you and make the decision together. Our park teams are lead by a General Manager and have a number of Heads of Department or HOD’s which form a part of the park leadership team. Regardless of role they fulfil, the ...

Find your opportunity of a lifetime

Our brilliant resorts, parks and hotels are all across the UK, so you’re never far from an opportunity that could last a lifetime. Our Support Centre is in the heart of ?Hemel Hempstead, in beautiful Hertfordshire, just north of London.

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